Budhenau (Anton Tkachuk, 1997) is a musician, sound artist, and composer with a diverse background in classical guitar, conducting, cello, and contemporary music. He began his musical journey at Zhytomyr Music School named after S. Richter, where he developed a passion for classical music performance. He then went on to study at Zhytomyr Music College, where he deepened his knowledge of guitar and conducting. In addition, studying cello as second instrument and practicing it performing in different orchestras and ensembles.

Throughout his musical career, Anton has participated in numerous artistic residencies and international masterclasses, studying under musicians and composers from around the world.

After finishing his studies, Anton was a co-founder an event-making community in Zhytomyr, organizing concerts that featured both classical and contemporary music. When the COVID-19 pandemic halted live events, Anton decided to take his passion for music in a new direction. He moved to Graz, Austria, to study Computer Music and Sound Art at the Institut for Electronic Music and Acoustics, where he began to explore new approaches to music making.

In Austria, Anton has concentrated on developing his creative process, exploring interconnectedness, non-attachment in improvisation, and the opening up of the environment as a musical instrument. He has also delved into live coding and rhythmical structures, using technology to experiment with new sounds and ways of composing. Currently, Anton is focused on sound art practices and improvisation.

As a sound artist and composer he draws on a wide range of influences, from classical composers to contemporary soundscapes, to create immersive and experimental pieces that challenge and engage his audience.


Computer Music and Sound Art, IEM, Graz, AT

Classical guitar and conducting, Zhytomyr Music College, UA

Classical guitar, Zhytomyr Music School named after S. Richter, UA


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