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2023 L'art sonore néo-archaïque | Zotl, Graz, AT

Dance of emptiness organized within space&time continuum via physical interaction powered by electrical energy.

2023 L'Art Sonore Néo-Archaïque | Forte Prenestino, Rome, IT

2023 Duo for Motor Cortex and Heart | Open Cube, Graz, AT

"Duo for Motor Cortex and Heart" composed by Budhenau involves the elimination of the performer's ego and instead focuses on the synchronization of the motor cortex and heart. The heart's live sounds are amplified through a stethoscope and subwoofers, providing the tempo for the piece. The motor cortex then synchronizes with the heart to create a cohesive and synchronized performance. This musical experience allows the performer to detach themselves from their ego and become fully immersed in the rhythm created by their own body, whether it's passed through consciousness or not, doesn't matter.

2022 L’art sonore néo-archaïque | ESC Medien Kunst Labor, Graz, AT

L'art sonore néo-archaïque is an aspiring series of environment-specific sound art performances for found-object rhythms and improvised organ drones. The found objects are triggered by algorithmic rhythms (Budhenau), creating a new sound experience in each environment. The use of algorithmic rhythms also adds a layer of unpredictability to the performance, making each iteration unique. Along this rhythmic foundation, MASI unfolds a curious organ drone slowly, meandering through morphing clusters, beatings, and overtones to find ever-evolving spaces in which the music emerges. (the curious organ contraption is a Pneumatic Organ _, a work-in-progress acoustic drone instrument, in which pipes from a deconstructed organ are connected through haptic flow regulators to compressed wind in a cybernetic configuration.) The performance title references the coordinates of the venue and the radius in which the objects are found, emphasizing the influence of the anthropogenic and natural environment on the work.

2022 Photosynthesis | Zentralwäscherei, Zürich, CH

2022 Somn Oscillation | Audio Art Festival, Krakow, PL

Concrete additive synthesis from an organic source of oscillation. Inhale, exhale. 1, -1

2022 Ohrwurm | Hochsommer Festival, Bad Radkersburg, AT

2022 Transcellia | Junge Signale, Graz, AT

2021 Hordklamma | Junge Signale, Graz, AT

2020 Plodonoise | Tender Plants, Odessa, UA

2020 Rhizoma | Tender Plants, Odessa, UA